Friday, December 16, 2011

Idk how i feel?

SOOOOOOOOOO........i really dont know how im supposed to feel about my situation, its like in and out in and out. Ive known for 5 years that this was how i felt but for some reason i have a hard time admiting it and i dont know why but i am now and theses feeling arent going to go away and i dont want them to so we will se whats going happen..............................

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ninja Pro

Okay, so im going to tell u about yesterday, for some reason i went to brookes grandmas house, totally not planned but thats what we do. Anyway we ate food there because brookes grandma is Ammmaaazzzziiinnggggg brooke ate biscuits and gravy and i ate mac n cheese. so we ate we talked on the phone with steven then around 5 O'clock, brookes mom called, brooke asked if i can come to her house and as always she said no but with a little convincing from brookes part she finally said sure.
So we walk into brookes house and her mom says good your here, and we all know thats never good. She was trying to tell us something but got distracted by brooke who was getting distracted. So she had us move a shelf down stairs which was soooo funny. Then we tried putting the movies on it but it wouldnt fit them all so we decided it was time to go to Big Lots. Brookes mom told brooke to wear panda ears through the store but brooke said no so i did it despite the weird looks i was getting. We tested the beds then it was time to go. But not yet we didnt leave brandy go distacted by the movies. which may i remind u we were at big lots because we needed a bigger movie case because she had too many movies. So then we started playing ninja pro, which is a game were we hide while not being found we ran all over the store and not once got yelled at. ( and apperently u get looked at like your crazy if your kneeling on the ground peering around a shelf) so we bought movies.
And the adventure continues we go to WAL-MART.  We play with cameras, looked at movies, was denied beef jerky, and got butter, and checks mix. Me and brooke spinned in circles till we almost fell to the ground. I tried squirt for the first time and then i talked in my demon voice to creep people out. HAD AN AMAZING NIGHT! LOVE U BROOKE AND BRANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN WITH ABBY AND ALISHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So im sooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy my secret santa brought me CRANBERRYJUICE!!!!!!!!!!!! i love them for the rest of my life because im addicted to cranberry juice! im in love with it and i ran out yesterday:( but its all good because now my life is comeplete(:

Monday, December 5, 2011

Ninja Pro

So, today we have discovered that i am a natural born Ninja. Yay. well weekend was horrible but i start work on thursday so im sooooooooooooooooooooo excited!

Friday, December 2, 2011


Okay so i haven talked to him in like three weeks and to get back at me he decides to tell all of our business. FML!!! like your immatre please  grow up so i can stop getting stressed!
 Btw i love BROOKE! she is the bestest friend ever!