Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Moving On......

Moving on isnt the easiest thing to do. How do you move on when you dont know or have anything to move on to. What we fear most is the unknown the fear of not knowing whats going to come next, not knowing what might jump out at you. But what i fear the most is forgetting. Sometimes I wish I could forget everything, have my mind go blank. Sometimes I wish I could forget who I am. I know I am loved but that doesnt stop the hurt. I know who i wanna be and I know who I am, and theres a fine line between those two. You can control my mind take my heart and soul, but wha you cant take my dignity, confidence, and my love. I know what its like to love someone. It can make you speechless, take your breath away, and it can knock you flat on your ass, it can be the most beautiful, painful, loving thing in the whole world. So how can i move one when thats what i want?

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